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In search of the "Mega Bite"

I love to fish deep water. You never know what is lurking down there. I am always in search of the "MegaBite". The solid thump on the rod, as it gets doubled over. The fish realizes it is hooked and now it is game on. You only have seconds to try and pull it out of its safety zone in the rocks or wrecks. If you can control the head, you can control the fish and win the battle. On this day I was able to muscle this huge American Red Snapper out of his hiding spot 120' below the surface. He was not able to put his head down and run back into his territory and break me off. Unfortunately Red Snapper season was closed so I took a quick photo of this beauty. I then vented it and sent it back down to its home some 120' below to live and fight another day. #Megabite #BigFish #PB #Georgetown #SC

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